Can anyone become a contributor?
Yes. But a millennial is preferred.
Does MIP offer an internship?
Yes, MIP offers an internship. Sadly, It is going to be unpaid but a certificate of appreciation would be provided at the end of the internship. Share an article you’ve written, at, the focus will be given on analysis and logic.
What is needed to write a good post?
Self-introspection on the topic you want to write. Research on the topic. Start writing with giving an introduction about the topic, followed by analysis & logical sequencing of events/facts/figures and lastly with a concluding paragraph about the explanation you’ve given.
Does MIP suggest topics to write on?
Yes, MIP suggests topics to research and write on. The choice depends on the contributor.
Can a post favour a political party?
No, a post cannot favour a party. For e.g. if a party in power implements a policy, the contributor should analyze, provide facts and logic only.
How is hatred against a religion dealt with at MIP?
There is no place for hatred be it against religion or political party. All the entries are scrutinized before uploading on the blog.
Can someone contribute anonymously?
Yes, they can. A contributors name will be kept confidential if he/she wishes for.
Does MIP take responsibility of the facts or content of any posts?
MIP does not take any kind of responsibility for any blog posts. The author’s/contribotur’s views are personal.