Let's make news casual again.

My Inner Politician (MIP) is a curated news aggregator and a political journal for GenZ and Millennials. We try to find the best news pieces for you in a chaotic world that you should be aware of.

On the side, we act as detectives and uncover the mysteries that the politicians or media houses have created to confuse the citizens, and more specifically GenZ and Millennials, we do it by deduction of the facts.

Why make the news casual ‘again’?

Our ethos of “Let’s make news casual again” is based on a very simple aspect of no-fluff only news. But why ‘again’?

Turn on a news channel right now – you will find news that is shown as breaking now. Turn on the same news channel again after a few hours, the same news will be shown as breaking news, as if the news is in real-time.

Or, visit a news channel’s Twitter or Facebook page, you’ll find the same news piece with different headlines thrown at you every 15-20 mins.

We have to go back to the news that we used to casually watch and be aware of. Not the click-bait one, we are currently in.

Why GenZers and Millennials?

They are the future policymakers, future leaders, future economic engines, etc. Click-bait news agencies have the power to create tension, make it sound very serious, make a small news a big one, they know it all.

We scrape through hundreds of news pieces on a daily basis and identify the ones that should be shown as news to you.

10 news pieces every day, 10 mins of your time.

There is an interesting research paper on political awareness, you can view it here.

Together, we are stronger.

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If you feel you can contribute to the movement in any way (content, suggestions, social media, etc.), write to us here, with the subject line as, ‘Want to help’ and we will get back to you asap.